Megasol receives »MorphoColor« license for colored solar modules

Swiss module manufacturer Megasol Energie AG has been granted a license to use the »MorphoColor« technology for solar modules developed by German Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE. Megasol combines the new color scheme with additional design dimensions. For example, the glass surfaces (e.g. structures) can be freely selected. Further, different sizes and shapes can be produced. According to Megasol, a module with »Solarcolor Morpho« coloring achieves up to 94 percent of the efficiency compared to a conventionally black solar module.
»The inspiration for the special color structure was the Morpho butterfly, whose intensely blue wings create an angularly stable color impression over a wide range,« says Thomas Kroyer, co-inventor and developer of the technology at Fraunhofer ISE. »A wide range of colors can be realized by this technology while still transmitting most of the solar radiation through the PV module glass. The underlying solar cells are barely visible, if at all.« The MorphoColor color layer is a photonic structure in which an interference layer is combined with a geometrically structured substrate in such a way that a particularly narrow-band reflection maximum results. Since only small parts of the light spectrum are reflected, the remaining sunlight can pass through undisturbed. As a result, the efficiency of the module is only reduced by less than ten percent relative to an uncoated module.

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