Meeco energized PV systems with a total capacity of 4.44 MW

Swiss-based clean energy company Meeco Group energized two large-scale solar installations with a combined capacity of 4.44 MW: a ground mounted PV plant in Bethesda (4.4 MW) on the Caribbean island Antigua, and in Leutkirch located in the South of Germany on the roof of a textile company (0.04 MW). According to the company, the facilities were grid-connected in late December 2018.
According to the company, the 4 MW PV power plant in the Bethesda area, designed, constructed and commissioned by Meeco’s joint venture PV Energy, represents the biggest solar power plant in the Caribbean twin-islands state. The power output is expected to amount to 16.800 kWh.
The 440 kW solar solution at the German 200 years old specialized yarn factory Gruschwitz Textilwerke AG in Leutkirch was constructed and commissioned by Meeco. It consists of two separate energy systems installed on the company’s adjacent production facilities.

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