Media reports of Tesla withdrawing from local PV markets

In the USA, media reports are increasing according to which the solar division of the Tesla Group is cancelling projects for photovoltaic systems and withdrawing at least from certain regions. However, there have already been similar reports there again and again for months, sometimes only on the basis of individual cases spread via social media. But now the blog platform »Electrek« is quoting from an e-mail that Tesla has sent to customers, informing them that their home is »in an area that we no longer serve.« Affected projects are in the Los Angeles region, Northern California, Oregon and Florida – in other words, in very important regional markets.
Tesla itself, as usual, does not comment on the reports. However, unlike its business with stationary battery systems, particularly for industrial applications, sales of PV systems remain sluggish. The report for the second quarter of 2022 shows a volume of just 94 megawatts, which is nowhere near the company’s ambitions.

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