Media: REC Solar closes silicon production in Norway

REC Solar, which has been part of the Indian Reliance Industries since 2021, has decided to permanently close its two Norwegian production sites for solar silicon in Kristiansand with a capacity of 8,000 tons and Heroya (5,500 tons). This was reported by Norwegian media including "E24 Næringsliv".
"We have taken several measures over the past twelve months to maintain operations. But we have reached a point where it is unfortunately no longer possible to ensure a balanced production of high-purity silicon in Norway," Jan Enno Bicker, CEO of REC Solar, is quoted as saying. Most of the current more than 100 employees would lose their jobs, while around ten remaining employees are to take over the liquidation.
The Norwegian Minister for Trade and Industry, Jan Christian Vestre, regretted REC Solar's decision in the media. He feared that more European solar companies would suffer the same fate as REC. He emphasized the need for European independence in the supply chains of the solar industry and referred to the ongoing talks with the EU to promote the procurement of products manufactured in Europe.

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