Media: Pakistan wants to replace planned coal-fired power plant with PV

According to a report in the »Daily Jang« newspaper, the Pakistani government wants to replace a coal-fired power station planned in cooperation with China by photovoltaics. The newspaper’s English-language portal (»The News International«) reports that the project for a 300-megawatt power plant in Gwadar district, initiated in 2016 under the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) program, is to be discontinued after the government decided to stop building power plants that rely on imported fuel. In the future, only plants powered by domestic resources such as Coal from the Thar region as well as wind, water and solar energy should be built. Plans to install more nuclear power plants, however, would continue to be pursued.
In the case of the Gwadar project, the Chinese partners would now be asked to install a solar power plant with the same capacity. However, »The News« quotes an unnamed government official as saying that projects under the joint program »have sensitivity and importance,« so the issue must be discussed »at various CPEC forums with our Chinese counterparts.« The decision to replace the coal project in Gwadar with a solar power plant »is being kept at low profile,« he said.

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