Little change in German »Market Value Solar« in September

Just like the average of the exchange electricity prices for the market area Germany/Luxembourg on the European power exchange Epex Spot, Germany’s »Market Value Solar« for September has changed little compared to the previous month. The exchange electricity price in the base load segment rose by 6.8 percent from 9.432 Euro cents (10.006 ¢) per kilowatt hour (ct/kWh) to 10.972 ct/kWh, while the market value solar fell by 1.1 percent from 7.533 to 7.447 ct/kWh (7.9 ¢).
The market value (which also exists for onshore and offshore wind power) is the average revenue determined by the German transmission system operators when trading electricity from plants subsidized under the Renewable Energy Law (EEG). In so-called direct marketing, the difference between the remuneration due to a plant and the market value is reimbursed (if such a difference exists). In October, nearly 28 gigawatts (GW) of PV was registered for direct marketing (23.7 GW mandatory and 4.3 GW for »other direct marketing«). This is around 36 percent of the country’s cumulated solar power capacity.

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