Lightship presents all-electric self-propelled travel trailer

The U.S. start-up Lightship Energy, Inc. from Boulder (Colorado) is presenting the »Lightship L1,« an aerodynamically optimized, all-electric travel trailer with integrated solar cells, whose series production is scheduled to begin next year.
The L1 has 80 kilowatt hours of battery capacity for its own powertrain. This, in conjunction with the low air resistance, is intended to ensure that the energy consumption of the towing vehicle remains virtually unchanged. At the same time, the caravan, which has solar cells with a total power of three kilowatts integrated into its outer skin, is said to enable a week’s outdoor stay without recharging, with all devices on board being electrically powered.
Reservations are now possible for a down payment of $500, but the complete price is substantial at $ 125,000 (to be reduced to $ 118,400 in the U.S. with an available tax credit). According to Lightship, the U.S. market for recreation vehicles (RVs) consists to about 90 percent of towable trailers, is dominated by a few manufacturers and therefore »hasn’t experienced innovation for decades.«

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