LG launches large module »Mono X Plus« with up to 450 Watt

LG module with 120 half cells and a power of 370 watts

LG Electronics is expanding its »Mono X Plus« series to include modules with outputs of 365 to 370 watts (type »S1W« with 120 half cells) and 445 to 450 watts (type »S2W« with 144 half cells), which are intended for use in solar parks. The efficiency of the 370 watt module comes to 19.8 percent, the 450 watt module to 20.2 percent. At 19.4 and 22.3 kilograms respectively, the modules are comparatively light in terms of output The product guarantee is 15 years, the performance guarantee 25 years for at least 87.9 percent of the rated output.

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