LevelTen Energy sees sharp rise in prices for solar PPAs in EU

Seattle-based international power marketing firm LevelTen Energy, Inc. sees prices rising significantly for power purchase agreements (PPAs) from solar and wind farms. For the third quarter, the data analysts arrive at an increase of 11 percent to €73.54 ($71.97) per megawatt hour (MWh) in their »P25 PPA Price Index«. At 15.4 percent, the increase for solar PPAs to €68.57/MWh ($67.10) was almost twice as high as for wind power. Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy and the UK are cited as particularly price-driving markets. Compared to the same quarter last year, the increase for solar and wind is 51 percent.
Despite rising prices, demand is remaining strong. LevelTen Energy sees the reason for this in the even sharper rise in prices on the power exchanges, which in some markets are already above €500/MWh.
The price index is fed by information from project developers in 16 European countries, which they make available via a portal. These are offer prices, not concluded contracts.

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