Lechwerke to install OPV on a grain silo

German regional energy supplier Lechwerke AG (LEW) is installing an organic photovoltaic (OPV) film from Heliatek in Dresden, Germany, as part of a long-term study on a grain silo at a height of around 20 meters on an area of 230 square meters. The system consists of 120 HeliaSol elements and has an installed capacity of around ten kilowatts. The yield is forecast at 6,700 kilowatt hours per year. The grain mill will use the electricity produced for ongoing operations. The results will flow into Heliatek's product development and optimization. The company aims to start series production in the coming year.
The films consist of ultra-thin layers of organic, carbon-based molecules. These are applied to a flexible PET film at very low temperatures. No toxic substances or heavy metals are used.

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