Kostal announces quadrupling of production capacity

Kostal Solar Electric GmbH has announced a quadrupling of its production capacity by 2025, compared to the 2021 level. However, the company, a subsidiary of the Kostal Group, which is primarily active as a supplier to the automotive industry and has around 18,500 employees worldwide and 2.78 billion euros in sales (2021), does not provide any concrete figures in this regard.
According to Kostal, it has already increased its capacities for hybrid inverters by 50 percent compared to the previous year, but has not been able to fully utilize these due to the tense supply situation for electronic components. For the coming year, too, »it is uncertain whether production capacity will be fully utilised.« Nevertheless, the company "is laying the foundation for quadrupling its own capacity utilisation.«
Kostal has also set up two new laboratories for development and testing in 2021 and 2022. A new test field is dedicated »solely to inverters, storage systems and generators to test the model generations that will be introduced as a result of growing power requirements.« This was also done with a view to the market launch of a new generation of hybrid devices with outputs of up to 20 kW in the coming year.

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