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Kastus presents dirt protection for solar modules and is looking for early adopters from the industry

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Kastus Technologies Co, Ltd. from Dublin is presenting its dirt-repellent treatment for solar modules at Intersolar. The glass is made dirt- and water-repellent during the manufacturing process of the solar modules, which makes subsequent cleaning in the field unnecessary, Kastus said in a press release. The process can be retrofitted by module manufacturers with little effort.

Kastus’ technology consists of making the glass surface photocatalytic. In photocatalysis, free radicals (reactive oxygen species) are constantly generated on the surface with the help of UV light and oxygen. These free radicals then destroy the membranes of organic substances such as biofilms, bird droppings, mosses and fungi, as well as bacteria and viruses. The treated glass is also hydrophilic, so that water simply runs off from a certain angle, taking dirt particles with it. Users are now being sought who want to test the technology in practice: “We are actively looking for early adopters who will accompany us on the path to standardizing Kastus as an indispensable component of solar modules,” says John Brown, CEO of Kastus.



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