Kaco extends its series on SiC-inverters

Kaco New Energy GmbH from Neckarsulm, Germany, has added several new devices to its product range of transformerless three-phase string inverters with transistors made of silicon carbide (SiC).
The Blueplanet 105 TL3 is based on the older 92.0 TL3. Unlike its predecessor, however, the type designation does not reflect the nominal power on the AC side, but the maximum power. The rated output of the 105 TL3 is 99.9 kilowatts. The maximum efficiency is a tiny bit higher at 98.9 percent, while the European efficiency of 98.5 percent corresponds to the somewhat weaker 92.0 TL3. The 105 TL3 is already being delivered. Also new are the Blueplanet 155 and 165 TL3 with 155 and 165 kilowatts of rated power respectively. A date for market launch has not yet been set. While the 105 TL3 is intended more for commercial customers, the larger devices are to be used primarily in large solar parks. New for the American market and available immediately is the Blueplanet 125 TL3 in a version with 400 Volt output voltage. Here the Blueplanet 110 TL3 is the predecessor. For South Korea, a 100 kilowatt device is in the works, the Blueplanet 100 TL3.

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