Jinko Solar supplies PV modules to 86 MW photovoltaic power plant in Colombia

Chinese PV group Jinko Solar Holding Co. Ltd. has supplied 250,000 pieces of its 345 Watt / 1500V monocrystalline standard modules for a 86.2 MW solar power plant located in Columbia. Italian manufacturer Siel SpA delivered twelve PS5660 conversion units, 5.6 MW each with four 1415 kW-inverters capable of working up to 1500 V. The project was launched in April in the northern city district of Cesar Department.
In March Enel Green Power announced it has won 5 projects (three wind farms and two solar plants) with an estimated generation of 740 GWh per year in the Cargo por Confiabilidad tender, launched by the Colombian government. This includes the 86.2 MW »El Paso« PV plant that will be marketed by Enel-Emgesa, a Colombian power supply subsidiary of Enel Group.

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