Jinko Solar reports production cuts due to electricity rationing

Electricity rationing measures imposed by authorities in China’s Sichuan province due to a severe drought are also affecting solar company Jinko Solar Holding Co. Ltd. Power generation in Sichuan depends on hydropower for about 80 percent, and supply to individual areas has already been interrupted on an hourly basis since the middle of last week.
Jinko Solar operates a wafer production facility in Sichuan. According to the company, its production in the province was »temporarily affected.« It said it was monitoring the situation and had taken »various measures» to minimize the impact, including increasing capacity utilization at other sites. However, because it is currently impossible to predict how long the rationing will last and when production in Sichuan will be able to return to full capacity, Jinko says it is currently unable to assess the impact on its business and financial results for the fiscal year.

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