JEA and EDF Renewables North America sign PPAs for 310 MW

EDF Renewables North America, a subsidiary of French energy group EDF, and US utility JEA have signed five power purchase agreements (PPAs) for the 310 MW solar project »Jacksonville 5«, which consists of five 50 MW solar power plants to be constructed across the City of Jacksonville (Florida, USA).
According to Steve McInall, JEA’s Vice President of Energy and Water Planning, the projects are also part of the company’s »SolarMax« program to provide around 7 GWh per year from large solar facilities to commercial and industrial users. Aaron Zahn, JEA’s Managing Director and CEO, explained that »Jacksonville will be one of the top solar cities in the country«, notwithstanding that upon completion of the projects solar energy will still constitute no more than approximately 5 percent of JEA’s total energy production.

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