Japanese satellite operator SKY Perfect JSAT plans to offer solar radiation forecasts worldwide

The Japanese K.K. SKY Perfect JSAT Holdings is planning to expand its solar radiation data business to Europe from next year. The communications satellite operator has already been offering solar radiation data, yield forecasts for solar power plants and system monitoring in Japan since April under the name »Sora Mieeru« (Japanese for »I can see the sky«). In Europe, the name of the service is »Solar Meilleur«.
SKY Perfect JSAT has a fleet of 17 geostationary satellites that support multi-channel pay TV in Japan as well as communication services in the Asia-Pacific region and North America. For »Solar Meilleur«, data from weather satellites is combined with ground measurements. The IoT device »Solar TAMAGO« to be installed in a solar power plant takes images of the entire sky, which are then analyzed by AI-supported software to generate forecasts of solar radiation for periods of five to 30 minutes. Sensors also record parameters such as temperature, humidity and air pressure. Overall, the system makes it possible to forecast solar radiation and electricity production for periods ranging from five minutes to three days. The combination of the data with the status of the power plant is used to monitor operation and control maintenance measures. The company also sees advantages in its system for short-term trading in solar power, which is particularly important in Europe. »That is where our product will be a good fit,« says Hiroki Obuchi, head of the »Green Innovation Solar Meilleur« project at SKY Perfect JSAT (pictured with Kazuya Nemoto, the project’s Technological Leader of IoT devices).

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