Japan could introduce stricter rules for selecting PV projects

The Japanese government is planning to introduce stricter conditions for the development of large-scale PV projects, according to Bloomberg, which cites an article from Japanese newspaper Yomiuri. The new rules would require solar developers to secure land and equipment for the projects within 12 months after the projects are approved. Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) has so far only submitted the proposal to an unspecified task force, however.
In mid-February, citing an article from Japanese newspaper Yomiuri Shimbu, local news portal the Japan News reported that METI was considering canceling permits for 670 PV projects approved under Japan’s FIT scheme. METI could begin canceling the approvals for the projects in March if the companies owning the projects do not take measures to start construction. Developers of about 570 of the projects have been unable to obtain sites for the projects. Other developers, according to the article, are intentionally delaying their projects as they wait for solar module prices to fall. Developers of about 100 of the projects have not responded to the government’s survey. The total capacity of the 670 projects was not disclosed. METI had approved a total of 23,607 MW of renewable energy projects as of the end of July 2013.

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