JA Solar receives certification for new large module series »Deep Blue 3.0«

Announcement of the new module series »DeepBlue 3.0« from JA Solar

Chinese module manufacturer JA Solar Technology Co. Ltd. has received IEC 61215 and IEC 61730 certificates for its new DeepBlue 3.0 series modules. The certification was conducted by TÜV Süd. The modules will now be introduced into the global PV market. JA Solar presented its new large modules in May. These contain wafers of the new size M10 with an edge length of 182 millimeters. JA Solar is one of the few manufacturers worldwide to use gallium-doped wafers. In contrast to the usual boron-doped wafers, no performance-reducing boron-oxygen complexes can form. In series production, the modules with 72 cells (more precisely: 144 half-cells) are expected to achieve up to 545 watts, which corresponds to a module efficiency of 21.0 percent. In July, JA Solar announced the mass production of DeepBlue modules for the third quarter of this year. By the end of 2021, half of the production capacity should be converted to modules with M10 wafers.

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