Israel targets to develop 6 GW of solar capacity

30 MW PV plant »Ashalim« in Israel built by Belectric

Israel aims to construct around 6,000 MW of installed PV capacity, said Udi Adiri, director general of the Ministry of Energy, in an interview with consultancy GTM. »This is going to happen in Israel in the next six to seven years, if you want to be there by 2030 with everything in production.« Solar power now delivers around 5 percent of the country’s electricity generation, according to the Energy Ministry, as Israel chases a renewables target of 10 percent by 2020 and 17 percent by 2030, says the article.
As of 2018, coal is down to 28 percent of the electricity mix, natural gas is up to 66 percent and renewables make up the difference.

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