Israel and Jordan exchange solar power for drinking water

Israel, Jordan, the United Arab Emirates and the United States signed an official memorandum of understanding for a project in which electricity from a 600 MW solar power plant in the Jordanian desert will be supplied to Israel, while in return Israeli seawater desalination plants will supply Jordan with drinking water, according to the news agency »Bloomberg«. Earlier reports from various media outlets spoke of 460 megawatts to be operational by 2026. Israel's drinking water supplies to Jordan are to be 200 million cubic meters annually.
The agreement was signed by government representatives of Israel, Jordan and the United Arab Emirates in the presence of U.S. Climate Change Envoy John Kerry in Dubai. Details are to be worked out by the end of next year. The project is a result of the »Abraham Records,« with which several states in the Middle East region, as well as Israel and the United States, expressed their willingness to engage in dialogue and cooperation last year.

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