ISE achieved efficiency record of 22.3 percent for silicon-based multi-junction solar cell

Scientists at German Fraunhofer ISE in cooperation with partners have achieved a new efficiency record of 22.3 percent for a multi-junction solar cell made of silicon and III-V semiconductor materials. According to the organization, »the outstanding achievement« is that the III-V layers were directly grown on the silicon. »We are delighted with this result for the direct growth of III-V semiconductors on silicon, an important research approach for tandem solar cells,« says Andreas Bett, director of Fraunhofer ISE. »Our work on tandem cells will be carried out in new facilities upon its completion in 2020. With the improved technical infrastructure, we expect the developments in multi-junction solar cells based on silicon to accelerate rapidly.«
The record efficiency »of our III-V/Si tandem solar cell demonstrates that we have achieved a very good understanding of the materials,« explains Frank Dimroth, coordinator of the MehrSi project. »With the successful direct growth of III-V layers on silicon, we can avoid using expensive III-V substrates for epitaxy. This approach is, therefore, a key technology for the cost-effective manufacture of high efficiency tandem solar cells in the future.«

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