ISC Konstanz is looking for donors for an extension of the institute – land secured

With the help of donations, among others, the German Institute for Solar Energy Research ISC Konstanz is trying to finance an extension building. The internationally renowned but comparatively small institute is planning on a project duration of two years and has »already recorded initial successes,« according to a statement. Most importantly, ISC was recently able to acquire a 3,500 square-meter-plot of land adjacent to the current building. The expansion is also intended to ensure uninterrupted operations during the urgently needed renovation of the current premises.
»Every amount counts,« advertises a specially set-up website, although naturally larger donations – from companies, for example – are particularly welcome. The total budget is estimated at €19 million ($20.9 million), most of which will come from public funds and loans. The fundraising campaign involves the equity portion of €4 million. In addition to cash, the company is also counting on »donations of machinery from industry.«

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