Irish company more than doubles plan for solar farms in Calgary, media

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Renewable energy company DP Energy Ireland Ltd. proposed a 35 MW solar farm located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. According to Canadian news channel »CBC« the company has already won approval for one solar park in southeast Calgary and is now pushing for a second in the Shepard Industrial park. »Combined, the two would be one of the largest photovoltaic solar farms in Canada« with an installed capacity of 62 MW, says the article. »The company easily won approval« at a public hearing at city hall in March 2019. »The hearing - to redesignate 64 hectares of contaminated land to allow for a power generating facility - lasted 11 minutes.« The site, owned by Viterra Inc., had been used as a fertilizer production facility. The soil cannot be disturbed without remediation. The company says the solar panels will sit on concrete footings to minimize ground disturbance. DB Energy plans to enter into a long-term lease with Viterra, says the news channel. Details were not disclosed.

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