Iran's installed renewable power capacity reached 760 MW

7 Megawatt solar power plant of Zanjan Province

At the end of July, Iran reached a total of 115 installed renewable power plants with a capacity of cumulative 760 MW. According to the country’s Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Organization (SATBA), part of the Ministry of Energy, this includes 45 percent of solar power and 40 percent wind. Around 32 projects with a cumulative installed capacity of 380 MW are under construction.
In July alone, several solar plants went online. SATBA announced the grid connection of a 10 MW solar power plant to the national electricity grid in Kurdeh region (Larestan city). The power plant is constructed on a 20-hectar land and is built by the Takht-e-jamshid Pars Energy. The annually power output is expected to reach 16 GWh. The cumulative capacity of solar power plants in Fars province has reached 58.6 MW, solar power production increased to 73 GWh.
Furthermore, in July the first solar power plant of Khorasan Razavi in Aliabad village in Khaf city with 5 MW capacity has been connected to the grid. Investment was IRR 350 billion ($8.3 million). According to SATBA, the Khaf region has a considerable potential of wind and solar energy. Deputy Minister and Head of SATBA, Seyed Mohammad Sadeghzadeh, said, »there are opportunities for attracting investors in wind and solar energy fields with the aim of supplying the electricity of the region and especially export of it to eastern neighbor of Khorasan province, Afghanistan.« The new power plant is able to reduce fossil fuels in one year as 2.82 million cubic meter of natural gas and reduce 6856 tons of greenhouse gases and also prevents consumption of 2,86 million cubic meter of water via producing annual 8 GWh of electricity. The total capacity of renewable energy power plants of Khorasan Razavi province is 43.65 MW. This province has also 761 solar roof tops with the total capacity of 6,478 kilowatt which makes Khorasan Razavi the second province in Iran in development of this kind of power plants, says the agency. Solar power potential is at 1,900 kWh/ m2.
Also in July, the third solar power plant in megawatt scale in southern Khorasan province was connected to the national electricity grid. The facility with a capacity of 7 MW in Sarbisheh city was constructed by the private sector. Construction lasted six months. The power plant which generates more than 12 GWh of electricity annually, is expected to reduce fossil fuel consumption of around 4 million cubic meters and it saves 3,060 million liters of water. SATBA adds that the capacity of the solar power plants in the South Khorasan province has so far reached 18 MW and there have been 199 solar rooftops with a capacity of 2,120 kW operated by the end of June 2019. According to the announcement, South Khorasan province ranks the seventh among the other provinces of the country in terms of the installment and development of solar rooftops.
Moreover, the 10 MW power plant in Kerman province in the area of Baft was connected to the grid. The power plant is constructed in an area of 20 hectares, with the use of specialist and localized equipment by the private sector. According to SATBA, it is one of the largest solar power plants in the south and it used domestic technology with 90 percent of Iranian design. This power plant is constructed with the credit of IRR 600 billion ($14.2 million). In total, 8 solar power plants with total capacity of 48.7 MW have been constructed and were grid connected in Kerman province. 926 units of the solar rooftops with the capacity of 8,228 kW have been installed.
The first 7 MW solar power plant of Zanjan province in Abhar also reached commercial operation. It was constructed with private sector investment at the cost of almost €6.5 million ($7.2 million). According to SATBA, Zanjan province became the 27th province of Iran where a solar energy power plant in megawatt scale is built. Annual production is expected at 11 GWh.

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