Iran targets to build a 1 GW solar project in Markazi

Vispiron’s 3,5 MW solar plant in Iran

Iran is set to build a solar project with a capacity of 1,000 MW in Markazi Province, central Iran. According to Iranian »Mehr News Agency« (MNA), equipment and panels required for harnessing 100 MW of electricity have so far been imported, and the implementation of the project will begin »in the near future.« The project has been funded by an unnamed UK-based Iranian investor.
Currently, Iran meets more than 80 percent of its demand for electricity from thermal power projects that run on fossil fuels. Of the production capacity of 80,000 MW, only a meager amount of 670 MW goes to renewables, says MNA. 42 percent of the renewable energies come from solar power, 41 percent from wind farms, 13 percent from hydroelectric projects, 2 percent from heat recovery and 2 percent from biomass. According to the article, some 445 MW of renewable power projects are currently under construction, in line with the government's plans to launch 5,000 MW of new renewable capacity, including solar and wind, by 2022.

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