International energy industry skeptical about achieving climate targets

Norwegian quality assurance and risk management company DNV has identified widespread skepticism about the achievability of climate targets in its latest international survey of top energy executives. Among the 1,300 respondents from the oil and gas and power industries, a majority see energy security as the top priority in the »energy trilemma« of ensuring safe, clean and affordable energy.
Only 39 percent are confident that decarbonization and climate goals can be met in time. Nevertheless, recent progress on the energy transition is the biggest reason for an optimistic view of the coming year, and the majority believe the energy transition is accelerating. However, only 17 percent expect the energy transition to ensure secure, clean and affordable energy for all sectors of the energy system in their respective countries over the next decade. 41 percent believe this will not be achieved for another ten to 20 years, while 32 percent do not even expect this to happen until well into the 2040s.
The report »Trilemma and Transition: The momentum to break barriers« is available for download (see link below).

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