Innovations in storage systems and wallboxes from Senec

For the fourth quarter of this year and in initially limited quantities, German electricity storage manufacturer Senec GmbH, which is also represented in Italy and Australia, announces its new »SENEC.Home 4« home storage system and the »SENEC.Wallbox plus« and »SENEC.Wallbox premium« electric car charging stations, which are specially adapted to this system.
The home storage system with lithium nickel cobalt aluminum oxide (NCA) batteries is available with six different storage capacities ranging from 4.2 to 25.2 kilowatt hours as »Home 4 Hybrid« for direct connection to a PV system and as »Home 4 AC« for connection via an external inverter. The new wallboxes, each with their eleven kilowatt (kW) charging capacity (with charging cable), can be coupled with the Home 4, taking into account weather and consumption forecasts, whereby (with charging socket) a maximum of 22 kW of solar power can be used. Both wallbox versions allow automatic switching between single-phase and three-phase charging.
Depending on the version, the Home 4 Hybrid can be used for emergency power supply in a three-phase or single-phase grid. The IP54 housing protection allows installation in protected outdoor areas, but the permissible ambient temperature of plus 2 to plus 45 degrees Celsius (»optimal operation« only from 15 to 35 degrees) usually does not allow this in practice. Senec grants a ten-year manufacturer’s warranty on the Home 4.

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