Ingeteam launches control unit for solar-wind hybrid parks with storage systems

Spanish company Ingeteam S.A. has developed a control system for hybrid plants consisting of solar, wind and storage systems. The first units of the »Ingecon Sun Multi-Plant Controller« are currently being certified according to the Spanish standard for grid connection (Norma Técnica de Supervisión, NTS) and will be used in two hybrid solar and wind parks in the Spanish region of Cuenca.
The control has an algorithm whose speed is said to be sufficient to comply »with the most demanding grid codes in the world, including the damping capacity for voltage oscillations and can also monitor all the hub information through a SCADA«.
Solar-wind hybrid parks allow dual use of space, access, cable routes and grid connection, as electricity generation from wind (especially in winter and at night) and from sun (in summer and during the day) complement each other well.

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