Indian Ministry of Trade proposes two-year solar import duties

The Directorate General of Trade Remedies (DGTR), Indian Ministry of Trade and Industry has published the long-awaited proposals for import duties on solar cells and modules. For imports from China and Malaysia, but also from all other industrialised countries, tariffs of initially (in the first year) 25 percent and then (in the second year) 15 percent are to be levied for a period of two years.
According to the news service »Bridge to India«, the DGTR's decision is surprising in that the duration of only two years is too short to provide an impulse for the development of production capacities in India. Furthermore, the import duties will also apply to products produced in India's special economic zones (SEZ). In recent years, foreign solar companies in particular have located significant capacities there. Bridge to India estimates that the factories in the rest of the country cannot even cover five percent of domestic demand. However, the DGTR provides that imports from the SEZ may be exempted from duties by a special permit.

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