India targets to add up 500 GW of renewables by 2030

The Indian government aims to add up to 500 GW of renewables into the country's power mix by 2030, in order to cut its dependence on coal and to reduce air pollution in cities, according to French consultancy Enerdata. Currently, India targets to add up to 175 GW of renewable power capacity by 2022, not including 50 GW of large hydropower capacity that is expected by 2022. The country has pledged to achieve a share of 40 percent of renewables in its power mix by 2030, up from the current 21 percent.
The country’s coal consumption grew by 9.1 percent in fiscal year from April 2018 to March 2019 to 991 Mt. Input in the power sector rose by 6.6 percent to more than 760 Mt, says the company. The country's electricity capacity amounts to 388 GW (2018), with a capacity mix of 70 percent thermal (58 percent coal, 8 percent gas and 3 percent biomass), 13 percent hydro, 9 percent wind, 6 percent solar, and 2 percent nuclear.

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