India installed 8.3 GW PV in 2018, Mercom

The Indian solar market installed 8,263 MW in 2018, down 15.5 percent compared to 9,782 MW in 2017, according to Mercom India Research’s newly released »Q4 & Annual 2018 India Solar Market Update.« Q4 2018 installations added to 1,638 MW, up three percent quarter-over-quarter from the 1,589 MW installed during Q3 2018. Installations were down about 52 percent year-over-year (yoy) compared to 2,491 MW installed in Q4 2017.
Solar made up 50.7 percent of new power capacity in 2018. »For the first time in India’s history, solar made up over 50 percent of new power capacity,« commented Raj Prabhu, CEO and co-founder of Mercom Capital Group. »This is going to be the new normal as coal plants continue to shutter.«
According to the figures, rooftop installations in 2018 totaled 1,655 MW a 66 percent year-over-year growth. Cumulative rooftop solar installations have reached 3,260 MW and still only make up 12 percent of the total solar installations in the country.
Karnataka topped the list of states with newly added large-scale solar capacity in 2018 followed by Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, and Maharashtra. Together these five states accounted for 81 percent of large-scale installations in the year.
Cumulative installed solar capacity in India reached 27.9 GW at the end of December 2018. Renewable energy capacity additions continue to increase at a significant pace in India, accounting for approximately 22 percent of India’s power capacity mix cumulatively, says the consultancy.

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