India installed 2.2 GW grid connected PV capacity in the past nine month

The Indian government unveiled the commissioning status of grid connected PV projects in 2016. Against the target in financial year 2016-2017 (ending March 31, 2017) of 12,000 MW (10,500 MW ground mounted and 1,500 MW rooftop solar) for grid connected solar projects, only 2,250 MW has been achieved so far. Cumulative solar power project capacity until December 31, 2016, was 9,012 MW.
The top five states until end of 2016 were: Tamil Nadu, cumulative 1,591 MW (529 MW commissioned within the first nine month of fiscal year 2016-2017 between April and December); Rasasthan, cumulative 1,318 MW (48 MW commissioned); Gujarat, cumulative 1,158 MW (39 MW commissioned); and Andhra Pradesh, cumulative 980 MW (407 MW commissioned). 13 of the 37 Indian states have less than one MW installed solar capacity, 15 states installed less than one MW in the reporting period.
The figures were released in an agenda note for the national review meeting of state principal secretaries and agencies of renewables to be held by the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) on January 23.

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