India cuts solar rooftop tenders to 500 MW

The Solar Energy Corporation of India (SECI) has amended the tender document pertaining to the 1,000 MW solar rooftop auction for government buildings and offices throughout the country, reducing the capacity to 500 MW, according to consultancy Mercom Capital Group. Mercom previously reported, that the SECI tendered 1,000 MW of rooftop solar to be installed on government buildings. Of the 1,000 MW, 300 MW were planned to be developed under the CAPEX (purchase) model and 700 MW under the RESCO (lease) model.
According to an SECI survey, the proposed potential capacities related to all the states, union territories and islands comes out to be 500 MW combined in both Part-A (CAPEX) and Part-B (RESCO), requiring a reduction in the tender. The amendments now state that 50 MW will be tendered under the CAPEX model and 450 MW under RESCO model. Under CAPEX, bidders can apply for a minimum aggregate capacity of 500 kW and maximum aggregate capacity of 5 MW. Under RESCO, bidders can apply for minimum aggregate capacity of 2 MW and maximum aggregate capacity of 50 MW.
Cumulative rooftop installation in India now stands at 857 MW, says Mercom.

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