Imec and Jolywood achieve a record of 23.2 percent with bifacial n-PERT solar cells

Belgian research institute Imec announced that its n-PERT (Passivated Emitter and Rear Totally diffused) solar cells developed with Chinese cell and module manufacturer Jolywood (Taizhou) Solar Technology Co. Ltd. have reached a certified front-side conversion efficiency of 23.2 percent. »Compared to the previous results Imec reported, we have further optimized the fully screenprinted bifacial n-PERT cell process and adopted a design with twelve busbars. The current cells also have a screenprinted front grid and rear soldering pads that use less silver,« says Loic Tous, project leader at Imec. According to Jia Chen, R&D director at Jolywood, the company is »confident that our bifacial n-type solar cells will achieve an efficiency above 24 percent very soon.«

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