IEA: Technical risks for photovoltaic systems

The International Energy Agency has issued a new report on potential technical problems with photovoltaic power plants. It examines risks associated with the failure of components or complete solar plants, but also describes the economic impact of these risks. It also analyzes the cost of mitigation measures to derive the best strategy for investors from a technical and financial perspective. According to the authors, the »best technical solution is not always the best economic solution.«
The second part gives numerous examples, some illustrated with photos, of component or complete plant failures caused by incorrect siting, faulty installations or aging.
The authors of the report include specialists from various institutes, including experts from Fraunhofer ISE, TÜV Rheinland, ISFH Emmerthal as well as from other institutions in Italy, Taiwan, Belgium and Switzerland. The main target groups are planners, project developers, installers, investors, independent experts and insurance companies.
The report »IEA PVPS Task 13: Quantification of Technical Risks in PV Power Systems« is available free of charge as a PDF (111 pages) at »«.

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