IEA and Irena call for stronger international cooperation against climate change

The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) and the International Energy Agency (IEA) are calling for greater international cooperation to achieve faster reductions in global greenhouse gases in their joint »Breakthrough Agenda Report 2022.« The report, prepared jointly with the »UN Climate Change High-Level Champions«, assesses progress in reducing emissions in five key sectors – energy, hydrogen, road transport, steel and agriculture. The authors make recommendations for greater collaboration between governments, businesses and civil society in areas such as standardization, technology research and development, a level playing field for trade, and better technical and financial support.
This is the first annual progress report of its kind, called for at the UN Climate Change Conference COP26 in November 2021 as part of the »Breakthrough Agenda«. The agenda currently covers more than two-thirds of the global economy and is supported by 45 leaders, including those of the G7, China and India.

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