Ideas competition for »flexible and intelligent charging« of electric cars

The online platform »Open Innovation Salzburg«, founded by Innovation and Technology Transfer Salzburg GmbH (Austria), is running an international idea contest under the motto » Energy sharing with benefits. Grid-optimised charging for the electric vehicles of the future« and is looking for contributions until January 15, 2023.
The focus is particularly on bidirectional charging. Among other things, the contest involves questions about the motivation of owners of »electric vehicles, corporate/carsharing fleets and charge point operators or mobility hubs to make their batteries (or charging equipment) available for smart charging.« Furthermore, it is about possibilities to align the charging behavior with the demand of the power grid and »what services, hidden cooperation and business models opportunities can arise from optimised charging.«
Following an evaluation by the online-community, a jury of experts will judge the entries submitted. The competition is being held as part of the »GAMES – Grid aware mobility and energy sharing« research project, and the winners’ ideas »will help to develop new business models for companies« in the course of this project

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