Iberdrola’s Spanish 590 MW PV plant »Francisco Pizarro« is underway

Under construction: Iberdrola’s PV plant »Núñez de Balboa« in Extremadura

Spanish solar project developer Iberdrola announced that the company »is moving forward« with its renewables strategy with the Francisco Pizarro project which, with 590 MW and an investment totaling more than €300 million ($338 million), will become Europe's largest photovoltaic solar plant. »Francisco Pizarro«, which is now being processed by the Ministry for the Ecological Transition, will occupy a 1,300-hectare site falling within Caceres' municipal areas of Torrecillas de la Tiesa and Aldeacentenera. During the construction phase and until the plant is commissioned in 2022, up to 1,000 people will be employed on the site. It will be larger than the »Núñez de Balboa« photovoltaic plant that Iberdrola is building in Usagre (Badajoz) which, with 500 MW, is so far the biggest in Europe.
With the addition of »Francisco Pizarro«, Iberdrola is now building or processing more than 2,000 MW in Spain, accounting for 70 percent of investments in the company's plan for 2022, with a target of 3,000 MW in the country.
The remaining renewable projects under development in Spain are in Cáceres, Extremadura, the »Ceclavín« (328 MW), »Arenales« (150 MW) and »Campo Arañuelo I« and »Campo Arañuelo II« photovoltaic plants (50 MW each) are undergoing administrative processing. In Andalusia, Iberdrola is developing the 50 MW »Andévalo« photovoltaic project, located within the largest wind farm in Continental Europe, promoted and managed by Iberdrola. The »Romeral« 50 MW photovoltaic project will be built in Cuenca. In total, Iberdrola has more than 700 MW renewables under construction in Spain (the »Núnez de Balboa photovoltaic« plant and wind projects in three regions), expected to go into service between 2019 and 2020. The company plans to invest €34 billion ($38 billion) between 2018 and 2022.

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