Hyundai, OCI Solar Power and CPS Energy partners to research recycled EV batterie as solar energy storage

South Korean Hyundai Motor Group in partnership with US solar developer OCI Solar Power and utility CPS Energy aims to test recycled electric vehicle (EV) batteries for solar energy storage. By September 2022, the parties plan to install the energy storage system (ESS), developed by Hyundai Motor Group. OCI Solar Power will procure certain ESS components and supervise construction while CPS Energy will operate the ESS. All three parties will work to build the ESS and then analyze and share data from the project.
According to Hyundai, after 7 to 10 years, a lithium-ion battery used in an EV may no longer be as efficient as needed for that use. However, that same battery may be recycled in an energy storage application and provide valuable energy storage. This partnership is a major step in testing this technology.
Hyundai Motor Group will verify the possibilities and effectiveness of the ESS business in the North American market through this partnership. The Group plans to expand its energy solution business via grafting hydrogen energy to the battery system.

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