Hydrogen-based turnkey building energy supply system

At the Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology at Fulda University of Applied Sciences, Germany, a complete turnkey solution for supplying electricity and heat to buildings based on hydrogen has gone into operation. The Munich-based company ostermeier H2ydrogen Solutions (OHS) implemented the specifications of a research team at the university led by Professor Dr.-Ing. Ulf Schwalbe for this purpose and accommodated all the necessary components in one container: photovoltaic inverter, battery, heat pump, heating and cooling buffer storage, hydrogen electrolysis unit and storage, compressor and fuel cell.
OHS is already marketing the concept in cooperation with the Swiss company Infener AG; at this year's »The smarter E« trade show, the two companies presented their »Ecore One« solution (www.infener.com). However, the configuration now created for the university is »a world first,« according to OHS Managing Director Markus Ostermeier.
The concept is based on the principle of storing electricity from wind or solar power plants not only directly – in the battery – but also indirectly – via electrolysis and hydrogen storage – and using it in the building as needed, which also contributes to grid stabilization by shifting generation and consumption over the long term. At Fulda University of Applied Sciences, an energy management system developed specifically for the complete solution is now to be optimized under various application scenarios.

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