Hoymiles with new hybrid inverters

China's Hoymiles Power Electronics Inc. has introduced two new series of hybrid inverters. The »HYS-LV« series includes five single-phase units with output powers ranging from 3 to 6 VA, with input power ranging from 4.5 to 7.5 kW. They are suitable for low-voltage batteries, both lead-acid and lithium-ion, at 48 V, according to the manufacturer. At 502 by 462 by 202 mm, the dimensions are the same for all units, as is the weight of 25 kg. This makes the hybrid inverters of the HYS-LV series comparatively large and heavy. Also the efficiency with 97,6 per cent, as it is indicated for all five devices identically, is not at all »trailblazing«, as the enterprise writes in a message, but good average – particularly since it concerns here according to firm web page around the point efficiency, the clearly more meaningful European efficiency lies according to data sheet with 97,0 per cent.
The second series, the HYT units, are intended for high-voltage batteries with Lihtium-ion technology, although Hoymiles does not name any specific types or manufacturers here. This is unusual in that, unlike in the low-voltage range with the quasi-standard of 48 volts, the term »high-voltage battery« is not defined. On the battery side, Hoymiles specifies an input voltage range of 170 to 600 V with a nominal battery voltage of 500 V.
Dimensions, weight as well as efficiencies of the HYT series are almost identical to those of the low-voltage hybrid inverters. The output power of the five devices ranges from 5 to 12 VA, and the solar generator power can range from 7.5 for the smallest to 15 kW for the largest.
Founded in 2012, the company is a global provider of module-level power electronics (MLPE) solutions and has so far focused primarily on microinverter production.

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