Heliene and Canadian Premium Sand prepare cooperation

Quartz sand as required for the production of low-iron solar glass

Canadian solar module manufacturer Heliene Inc. has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with solar glass producer Canadian Premium Sand Inc. (CPS) to continue discussions that have been ongoing for months regarding the supply of structured solar glass. The CPS glass for Heliene is expected to come from the company's planned first production facility at Selkirk in the Canadian province of Manitoba. CPS relies on a rolling process in which the surface of the rollers imprints the anti-reflective structure of the solar glass.
For CPS, Heliene would be a significant customer: »Heliene's expected glass demand in 2024 represents over 40 percent of our production capacity for Phase 1 of our facility,« said Glenn Leroux, president and CEO of CPS. The company does not provide details on the production capacity itself. CPS owns its own quartz mine near Winnipeg, so raw materials for glass production are also sourced locally. The company plans to focus exclusively on the solar industry.

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