Heckerst Solar shows storage system »Symphon-E« at Intersolar

Heckert Solar GmbH from Chemnitz, Germany will present the storage system »Symphon-E« at the Intersolar Europe in Munich. The home and commercial storage system has been on the market since last fall and is not Heckert's own development, but was presented by German storage system specialist Fenecon GmbH in May of last year as »Fenecon Home« (and can also be seen at their booth no. B2.230 at the EES Electrical Energy Storage). Nevertheless, this system is likely to be one of the most interesting exhibits at the show, not least because of the experience gained with the concept in the meantime.
First of all, the special features include the energy management system (EMS), which works with an open interface (Open EMS) and can therefore be combined with a wide range of consumers (such as charging stations or heat pumps) and various apps. The three-phase hybrid inverter is also designed for versatility: It can be connected on the DC- or AC-side, making it equally suitable for retrofitting existing PV systems and combining with newly installed ones. In addition, the system allows for a "true" emergency power supply through three-phase grid-parallel operation, during which it is also possible to recharge the batteries with solar power.
Last but not least, the system can be dimensioned very flexibly thanks to a somehow dual modular design. »Symphon-E« is designed for PV systems up to 15 kW, and battery power and storage capacity depend on the number of battery modules used in the modular concept: The smallest configuration includes three modules with a combined 8.8 kWh of usable capacity (nominally 9.3 kWh) and just under 4.5 kW of power, while the largest design possible with one »battery tower« is ten modules with 22 kWh and 10 kW. By connecting up to three towers in parallel, a maximum sizing of 66 kWh and 10 kW is possible.

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