Half a million solar systems could be shut down prematurely by 2030 in Germany

Within the next ten years, up to 447,000 still functioning solar power plants in Germany are threatened with closure if the current draft law on the amendment of the German Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG) is adhered to. According to a study by EUPD Research on behalf of the solar and storage industry, »the majority of operators will switch off their solar power systems as soon as they are no longer eligible for subsidies after 20 years, as their continued operation will then no longer be profitable«. Reason is the planned obligation to install expensive measuring technology as well as the financial burden of the EEG levy on the solar power consumed. The continued operation of these solar power plants would be possible for at least another ten years and would make sense from a climate policy point of view, according to the experts.
In the opinion of the solar industry and grid operators, the retrofitting of expensive measurement technology for small solar systems planned by the Federal Ministry of Economics is disproportionate and without added value for grid stability.
EUPD forecasts that around 3.37 GW of solar power will be shut down prematurely by 2030. This would mean a loss of production of 26 billion kilowatt hours of solar power. This would correspond to the annual electricity consumption of around ten million German households.

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