Gujarat raised its renewable target to 30 GW by 2022

The Indian state of Gujarat nearly doubled its renewable target to 30 GW by 2022, which would represent 17 percent of India's 175 GW renewable capacity target by 2022, according to French consultancy Enerdata. Of this 30 GW objective, 20 GW would supply the state's power demand and 10 GW would generate power to be exported to other states. The state also announced an INR10 billion ($146 million) rooftop solar scheme, granting subsidies of up to 40 percent of the cost of 3 kW rooftop systems and 20 percent of the cost for system up to 10 kW, says the article. Earlier in 2019, the Gujarat state government announced plans to add 3 GW per year of renewable capacity through 2022, including 2 GW from solar and 1 GW from wind.

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