Growatt launches portable storage system »Infinity 1500« on the European market

Chinese inverter, power storage and system technology manufacturer Growatt New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is introducing its »Infinity 1500« portable battery system, which was unveiled last April, to the European market with the launch of a German-language website. The company has not yet announced a sales launch date, but pre-orders are already possible.
A price of € 1,599 ($ ###) is quoted for the storage unit with a capacity of 1.5 kilowatt hours and 2 kilowatts of output power. A matching portable solar module with 100 watts of power is offered for € 289, and a 200-watt module for € 540. Up to 800 watts of solar power can be connected, allowing the storage unit to be charged in 2.5 hours under optimal conditions. Charging with mains power takes two hours.
The unit, which is equipped with twelve different power outputs (including USB), can be operated as a network of up to three units and also works as an uninterruptible power supply.

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