Green Genius announces 230 megawatt project volume in Eastern Europe

Green Genius, a renewable energy project developer headquartered in Latvia and active in eight European countries, has announced solar power plant projects totaling about 230 megawatts of capacity in Poland, Latvia and Lithuania within two weeks.
On Jan. 5, the company announced that it had signed a €46.5 million ($50.4 million) agreement with Poland’s mBank Group to build several plants totaling 69 megawatts in Poland. This was followed on January 12 by the announcement of a 100-megawatt project in Latvia; the power plant is to be built in Jekabpils in the southeast of the country from June this year, with an investment of around €90 million ($97.5 million). On Monday (Jan. 16), Green Genius reported an agreement with French investment firm RGreen Invest for eight solar power plants in Lithuania with a total capacity of 65.7 megawatts, to be online by 2024.
Meanwhile, on Jan. 9, Green Genius also announced the sale of eight 152-megawatt solar projects in Spain to Swedish company OX2. In addition to solar power plants, Green Genius is also active in wind power, biogas and hydrogen, and says it is pursuing a project portfolio totaling two gigawatts.

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