Globeleq reports grid connection of 52-MW power plant in Kenya

British renewable energy project developer Globeleq, in partnership with the Africa Energy Development Corporation (AEDC), on Friday announced the grid connection of the 53-megawatt Malindi solar power plant in Kenya. It said the plant is one of the country’s first utility scale solar power plant operated by an independent power producer (IPP).
The announcement said power delivery had already begun on December 14, but only at 40 MW of capacity. Like many projects in developing and emerging countries, »Malindi« involved a long construction period – installation began as early as 2019 – and comparatively high costs. Globeleq cites an investment sum of $69 million, or $1,300 per kilowatt of installed capacity. The financing was organized by the British development bank CDC with the participation of the German Investment and Development Company (DEG).

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