Germany’s »market value solar« at lowest level since summer 2021

The average revenue generated by German transmission system operators in exchange trading of electricity from photovoltaic plants subsidized under the country’s Renewable Energy Law (EEG) was 8.883 euro cents per kilowatt hour in March. Thus, the »market value solar« was at its lowest level since August 2021 (7.681 euro cents).
In spring 2021, the value, which is always close to exchange electricity prices (»day-ahead« market of the European power exchange Epex Spot in the base-load segment) and had hardly ever exceeded the 4-cent mark before, began a rapid upward movement and reached a level of around 27 euro cents in December 2021. After Russia’s attack on Ukraine, the market value had shot up again – to almost 40 cents in August 2022. Since then, it has been trending downward. However, the current level is still significantly higher than in March 2021 (4.105 euro cents) or March 2020 (1.681 euro cents).

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